Employee Assistance Programs

Employment Assistance Programs
Psychology Clinic Employee Assistant Program

We partner with companies to provide quality Employee Assistance Programs to improve the health and wellbeing and potential of your workforce.

We will navigate you through the range of workplace psychological issues encountered by Australian businesses on a daily basis.

From advice and support to managers through to the direct care of your valued employees, we assist in facilitating the best possible outcomes for you.

An Employee Assistance Program can help:

  • Improve performance & productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism (Annual cost to Australian business of $4.7 Billion1)
  • Reduce presenteeism. Presenteeism is defined as the reduced productivity at work due to mental health issues or distraction from full productivity caused by other events (Annual cost to Australian business of $6.1 Billion2).
  • Reduce possible compensation related to mental health issues usually in the form of worker’s compensation (Annual cost to Australian business of $146 Million3).

What we Provide:

  • Counselling
    • Clinically driven psychological support tailored to your needs.
  • Bespoke Training
    • Mental Health issues in the workplace
    • Effective stress management skills
    • Managing difficult personalities in the workplace
    • Communication and Assertiveness Skills
    • Mindfulness skills for a healthier workplace
  • Management Assist
    Advice and guidance on the prevention and management of mental health issues. (Based on Psychological Wellbeing Audit of your business).
  • Tailored intervention and support strategies to assist you in dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
    To help you deal with traumatic events that can impact significantly on your workplace.

For more information see Creating a mentally healthy workplace: ROI Analysis By Heads Up and Beyond Blue

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