Clinical Psychologist Melbourne

Our commitment to mental well-being extends across the entire spectrum of the human psyche, addressing not only diagnosable mental illnesses but also embracing the holistic realm of mental wellness. At our core, we recognize that mental health is a multifaceted journey, and our support endeavors encompass the full breadth of this psychological spectrum.

For those grappling with mental illness, we bring a nuanced and empathetic approach to the table, leveraging our expertise to provide comprehensive assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental health conditions. Our goal is to guide individuals on a path towards healing, resilience, and sustained well-being.

Our Clinical Psychologist services don’t just reach people in Melbourne, with the use of Zoom and telecommunications, we can support a range of different requirements even in different regions of Victoria and across Australia.

Clinical Psychology Melbourne

What a Clinical Psychologist does?

Amongst the range of services, including clinical psychology, our practice provides:

  • General mental health assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Drug & Alcohol Assessments
  • Forensic assessment
  • Individual focused psychological counselling.
  • Couples counselling
  • Treatment of specific disorders
  • Counselling across the age spectrum from adolescents to adults.
  • Drug and alcohol counselling
  • Anger Management (Or as we prefer to call it, Emotional Regulation).
  • Stress management
  • Trauma and abuse counselling
  • Life direction, values clarification and strengths discovery
  • Overcoming procrastination.

Counselling & Psychological Assessments

Every new prospective client embarks on a comprehensive clinical interview aimed to determine a potential diagnosis (if relevant) and identifying the optimal treatment plan. This initial phase commences with a thorough one-hour conversation, offering the flexibility of being conducted online, virtually, or in person at our psychology clinics located in Melbourne.

We encourage you to reach out to initiate the process and commence your journey with us.

Are you looking specifically for Male Mental Health Counselling? – Read more about our Man-Up Initiative designed by our principle Psychologist Dean Janover to help with Male related mental health issues.

Psychological Assessments Melbourne

Prahran Psychology clinic provides professional Psychological Assessments. Assessments are systematic procedures used to gather and evaluate information about an individual’s cognitive abilities, emotional functioning, personality traits, and other relevant psychological factors. These assessments are conducted by our trained professionals based in Melbourne.

The first step is to get into touch with us, call to make an appointment or submit your require via our quick online form

clinical psychologist melbourne
Clinical Psychologist melbourne