The most common presentation we deal with at Prahran Psychology is anxiety.

Everyone experiences anxiety in some way, shape or form.

Anxiety Counselling Melbourne

What is Anxiety?

It’s a necessary state for us to be in if we want to achieve optimal performance.

Anxiety also helps to protect us from danger as well as ensuring that we do what’s necessary to cope with our day to day obligations.

Without anxiety, we would lack the internal drive to do a lot of things necessary for both surviving and thriving.

However, anxiety can easily become overwhelming when excess worry triggers the anxious response in situations where it is not useful or necessary.Too much of this over time and anxiety can develop into a maladaptive state that starts to impede our functioning. When this occurs it impairs our functioning and puts us in an uncomfortable state of alert.

Anxiety Counselling in Melbourne

Anxiety counselling can be an effective tool to help you understand the origins and nature of your anxiety and learn to better deal with the causal thoughts and beliefs behind it.

Uncomfortable levels of anxiety are not something you should have to put up with. Anxiety counselling can help you to have a better relationship with what essentially is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

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