South Yarra Psychology Clinic

Hourly Rates / Rebates

 FeeMedicare Rebate
Clinical Psychologist$250 per hour$136.35
Consultant Psychologist$220 per hour$92.90
EMDR Rates

EMDR sessions can be 90 minutes in length and may therefore attract a higher rate for the time it takes. Please talk to your individual psychologist about this and how many sessions you may need.

Quick Consult

Our Quick Consults are $120.00 for what could prove to be some invaluable advice.

Medicare Rebates
Medicare Logo - Psychology Clinic

Medicare rebates are available for all our psychologists when you have a mental health treatment plan from a GP. To see if you are eligible for a rebate, please call us on 1300 756 225  to discuss your individual circumstances.

Government Funded Psychological Services
We provide psychological services under the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Workcover/Worksafe and NDIS.

Worksafe Psychology
TAC - Psychology Clinic
NDIS - Psychology