The Link Between Mindfulness & Wellbeing

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Jon Kabat – Zinn

In recent years there has been a shift regarding certain elements of psychological study. The inclusion of aspects of positive psychology are increasingly being used by clinical practitioners around the world. Making use of research and intervention techniques in order to explore the effects on well-being, positivity, adaptability, creativity, resilience and emotional fulfilment regarding human behavior.

In an era where we are bombarded with stimulation and technology we are often very distracted and disconnected from our environment. Our minds are constantly filled with anxieties about the past or future, dwelling on emotions or thoughts that potentially elicit a stress response. This is where mindfulness comes in. The level of awareness we have as individuals to the things that are happening around us; paying attention to our own ongoing experience. The practice of mindfulness can act as a shock absorber and in turn change the way we think, behave and respond to the world around us. Allowing yourself to transform your thought patterns and cultivate positive emotion; alongside experiencing the awe of the present.

Why Mindfulness is Beneficial:

Approaching everyday things with curiosity –  and savoring them. Being able to practice compassion and nurture connections. Embracing vulnerability by trusting others – and yourself. Forgiving yourself and others for mistakes – big or small. Showing gratitude for good moments – and grace for bad ones. Making peace with imperfection – inside and out. Accepting, and appreciating – that things come and go.

     How You Can Increase Your Level of Mindfulness?

  • Meditation & Yoga Practices
  • Pay attention to the stress or tension of your body
  • Start your day with a basic mantra or salutation
  • Take a break to check in with your breathing
  • Take a moment to consider things you are grateful for –  in moments of pressure or worry
  • Mindfulness Coloring
  • Be conscious of the world around you – show appreciation for aspects you enjoy
  • Express love and kindness – even to people you don’t know

Anje Delport

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