Supporting Our Future Psychologists

We at Prahran Psychology remember what it was like when we were students and trying to find our way in the psychology industry. It was daunting to say the least, as it was a challenge to navigate your way through your studies at the same time as thinking about how to make a career in psychology.

To give back and invest more in our future talent we have taken on a second year psychology student, Anje Delport to gain some work experience with us. We will be mentoring Anje throughout her studies and she will gain valuable experience with us, learning about our practice. One of her key tasks will be to write our blog. Given the great access she has to so much academic martial, not to mention her obvious talent, we anticipate that her writing will add much to the culture and direction of Prahran Psychology.

Of course Irene and I will keep blogging when we get the chance, but for now Anje will do the bulk of our posts. So stay tuned as Anje’s 1st blog will be posted today.


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