Why Prahran Psychology Supports Same Sex Marriage

Prahran Psychology is united in its support of marriage equality. This Debate has gone on for far too long and it is our hope that it will soon be resolved. As a psychology clinic we strongly believe in the importance of inclusiveness and diversity. These values are at the core of our work and allow us to connect with our clients. Facilitating a feeling of being accepted for who you are is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal and is a vital ingredient of any therapeutic relationship.

We will be supporting a YES Vote

Our psychology clinic does its best to promote inclusiveness and diversity, so it is no surprise that we will be supporting a YES vote. On a community level it is unacceptable that any one group should be excluded. The alienation that follows can have a significant impact on mental health. The message to the LGBTQI community in not allowing same sex marriage is that you cannot fully partake in all that is available to EVERYONE else. We cannot abide by this, because we know from years of clinical experience that this issue is not about sexuality, it is simply about LOVE. Marriage is one of the many expressions of love. It makes no sense to convey a message that one group of peoples’ LOVE is lesser than another’s.


To us, same sex marriage is not really that radical an idea. Despite the doomsayers’ predictions, it won’t undermine the institution of marriage. Nor will it lead to the toppling of any of the other pillars upon which our country was built. Conflating same sex marriage with any such erosion is just dishonest and downright mean. So we urge you all to say YES to inclusiveness, diversity and most of all LOVE.



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