Forensic Psychology Services

A good overview of forensic psychology from one of our undergrad students we are currently mentoring, Harindhi Wimaladharma.

Forensic Psychology Services

Forensic Psychology is the interaction between the study of psychology and the law. Individuals who are Forensic Psychologists are viewed as scientist-practitioners. These individuals focus on applying knowledge, skill and theory derived from psychology towards the understanding and functioning of legal and criminal justice systems. Forensic psychologists also have to conduct research and gather information in specific areas with relevance to the criminal justice system.  Forensic Psychologists provide services for litigants, perpetrators, victims, and personnel of government and community organizations.

As of now, Forensic psychology is a rapidly growing discipline. One of the reasons for its rapid growth is that Clinical psychologists have turned toward forensic work to escape the confines of healthcare. A large number of students of the current generation have chosen this field due to the obsession with all things criminal, this including a large number of TV shows such as “Criminal Minds”.

In order to become a forensic psychologist, an individual requires certain skills. One of the minimum requirements for becoming a forensic psychologist is great training and experience in the field of clinical psychology. You will need to have a firm understanding in scientific theory and empirical research, including statistical knowledge. Critical writing skills, thorough knowledge of social and cultural issues, and the ability to maintain a calm composed manner when exposed to stress is critical when it comes to being a great forensic psychologist.

The skills possessed by Forensic psychologists give them the ability to aid and take care of many jobs, these include providing services in courts and tribunals, in mental health services, child protection, drug services, private practice and even the police. The key focus when it comes to the services of Forensic Psychology would be collecting and reporting evidence that are of psychological nature for use in legal proceedings.

Harindhi Wimaladharma

Victoria University Student


Forensic psychology services
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