Anxiety in the Workplace

Anxiety in the Workplace

Anxiety disorders have a significant impact on an individual’s performance in the workplace. Similarly, the workplace can have an equally significant impact on an individual’s experience of anxiety. Therefore, job related anxiety is a common occurrence, with studies indicating that up to 72% of people experience stress on a daily basis as a result of their workplace.


A workplace is a dynamic environment full of stressful situations that may contribute to feelings of anxiety for employees. Some of the potentially stressful situations that can be encountered include; colleague conflict, looming deadlines, managing staff and giving presentations. Feelings of anxiety can lead to reduced productivity, strained peer relationships, and decreased focus and concentration. Furthermore, anxiety in the workplace can impact not only an employee’s workplace performance but also their daily functioning independent of their job. Therefore, the importance of monitoring and addressing mental health concerns regarding the workplace is undeniable.


As employment is a central component of life, there are multiple procedures that employees can utilise to overcome and cope with anxiety in the workplace:


  1. Speak to a trusted co-worker about how you are feeling
  2. Utilise planning and time management to set a manageable pace for accomplishing workplace tasks
  3. Become educated about mental health risks and symptoms in the workplace as well as the services available if you are impacted
  4. Take breaks from work and set work boundaries to foster a sense of work-life balance


Specialised Employee Assistance Program

Ultimately, feeling anxious at work is very common and therefore, being able to cope with these feelings when they arise is crucial. With employee assistance program services in place in a majority of workplaces, as well as anxiety counselling services readily available through referral from your GP, there are many avenues to get educated and take control of workplace related anxiety.


Madeline Foster

Deakin University


Subject: Anxiety counselling

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