Autism in Adults

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that will have a lifelong impact. Although there are many traits that people on the spectrum will have in common, autism will present differently in everyone.

Melbourne Psychology Clinic
Common features of Autism can include:
  • Difficulty joining conversation
  • Hard to relate to other people’s thoughts or emotions
  • Difficulty reading others’ body language and emotions
  • Difficulty engaging in a two-way conversation.
  • Not getting social cues
  • Small talk too difficult
  • Too blunt with others
  • Hard to keep eye contact
  • Struggle to build and maintain close friendships
  • Needing constant routine and struggle to adapt to change
  • Trouble regulating your emotions.
  • Sensitive to certain sounds and textures, smells and tastes
  • Difficulty multi-tasking.

Knowing if you are on the spectrum can help you to better understand yourself. Counselling can then help to support you to develop the insights and strategies to help you better navigate the world you live in.